The Sea and Me

from by wade baynham



A couple of summers ago, Denise and I were watching a tv series that had a catchy one minute intro at the beginning of each episode. As we danced around each time it came on, we thought it might be fun to work on a Baynham family theme song.

We had also been reading Richard Rohr's book about the twelve steps of recovery called 'Breathing Under Water' that includes the poem of the same name by Carol Bieleck. The ideas gave us some initial lyric ideas and we built some fun loops and sounds from oohs and aahs that Denise and I recorded, and some fun percussion. Since our cats, Scout and Watson are part of the family, we thought that we needed something from them, so we recorded their meowing during feeding time, and pitch shifted them to sound like seagulls. If you listen carefully, you can still hear them in this version at the start of the last verse.

What you are listening to here is a longer, extended version of the same musical and lyric ideas...


words and music by Wade Baynham

We've all listened to the tales of those we've lost at sea
The shipwrecked, scattered, lost and drowned
The ones we never found
So I built my house with my own hands
On the rocks that I could see
My house was strong, the wind and waves
Couldn't wash my life away- take it from me

We lived apart, the sea and me, to keep my fears at bay
I tried to stay on that solid ground, on a world I built for me
But life and change both came to me, in ways I could never see
The water lapped at my door
There was no way out, nowhere for me to flee

Water rises past the rocks and washes over me
The fight is gone, the sky is gone
I know that I will drown
But my feet, they find the bottom
And I find that I can breathe
There's a freedom under water
I find you're here with me
You're here in we

My feet they find the bottom and I find that I can breathe
There's a freedom under water
And I find you're here with me
You're here in we


from Never Alone, released January 6, 2017
drums by Dale Baker



all rights reserved


wade baynham Durham, North Carolina

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