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Since I own my own studio, I have had the opportunity to hone my songs and do the majority of tracking myself over the past 4 years or so, but I am indebted to so many for their care, inspiration and guidance

Particularly, I want to thank my wife, Denise, for her love and unfailing encouragement. I also want to thank Tim Conder and the community at Emmaus way who have been the liturgical backdrop and guinea pigs for this material, and the other artists I have mentioned here, including Dale Baker, Tim Carless, Martin Stam and Mark Williams, who have given me strength to keep at it, and have given me fodder for these ideas.

The record is sequenced in a rough order of events from my life over the past several years, and the largest over-arching goal for me was to be as honest to my story as i could be, in the hopes that the songs could be a travel companion for any of you who are going through similar things. My favorite song-writers give me language for my life and for the in-articulated feelings that have been bubbling below the surface of my conscience. When these gifted folks have taken the time and pains to put down their experiences in their songs, they have given me amazing vehicles to feel my feelings, understand myself and feel less alone in this whole journey of life that we share. My goal is to give you, the listener, a sense that you are not alone in your journey, and that you can may actually be cared for by listening to songs from someone you might not know at all. 'We' is meant to chronicle my life with the people that I know and have been in relationship with, but my hope is that it can offer you care and hope in your journey as you take the time to listen.

October 2010


released October 27, 2010

Wade Baynham We

Written, Produced and Created by Wade Baynham
At the Second Story, Durham, NC*

Instrumentation and arrangements by Wade except:

Drums, Percussion, Timpani on tracks 4-9 by Dale Baker
Upright Bass on track 9 by Martin Stam
Slide Guitar on track 3 by Tim Carless
*Shotgun Down the Avalanche: written by Shawn Colvin and John Leventhal
Shelter: written by Steven Van Zandt and Maria McKee
Dante’s Prayer: written by Loreena McKennitt

Album Photography by Denise Baynham
Design by Dan Auer



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wade baynham Durham, North Carolina

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