Never Alone

by wade baynham



I've really enjoyed recording music over the past 30-plus years. I can't honestly believe it's been that long... As I've been reflecting on releasing "Never Alone," it's been very clear to me that I've needed way more than 'a little help from my friends' along the way. I'm so grateful for all that I've been given along the way to make this possible, including love, friendship, time, inspiration, money, vision and endurance.

The truth is, I haven't remotely been alone in the process, despite periods of feeling very alone, and having many solitary hours playing and singing in the studio. As I share with friends about their experiences of being alone and feeling alone, we've found a lot of common ground. The pain of feeling alone is very real, and extremely powerful. The sharing of common experiences, and the help and hope that we've also found along the way have been nothing short of profound and life-altering for me.

I've lived with fears of abandonment for as long as I can remember. Along this journey, I've been trying to learn to live with open hands-- open to life, open to love, open to the presence of God, through all the ways God is continuously revealed to me. I'm learning that presence is no small thing; and my hope is that this collection of songs reflects some of the ways that I've been met and found and known. If this project gives you any encouragement and hope in your life, then I'm all the more grateful.


released January 6, 2017

Produced and recorded by Wade Baynham at the Second Story, Durham, NC
Cover photography and artwork by Denise Baynham

Thank you:
Denise for your continued love, support and inspiration. Words honestly fail...
Dale Baker, Morgan Fleming, the late Jack Hester, Robert Bailey, Keith Matthews, Robin V, Scout and Watson.



all rights reserved


wade baynham Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: When It Don't Come Easy
words and music by Patty Griffin
Track Name: This Too Will Pass
words and music by Peter Himmelman
Track Name: Come Now Fount- Acoustic
words by Robert Robinson
music by John Wyeth
Track Name: How Can I Keep From Singing
words and music by Robert Wadsworth Lowry
Track Name: Surrender
words and music by Michael Been and James Paul Goodwin
Track Name: Beacon
words and music by Maria McKee and Shayne Fontaine
Track Name: The Sea and Me
words and music by Wade Baynham

We've all listened to the tales of those we've lost at sea
The shipwrecked, scattered, lost and drowned
The ones we never found
So I built my house with my own hands
On the rocks that I could see
My house was strong, the wind and waves
Couldn't wash my life away- take it from me

We lived apart, the sea and me, to keep my fears at bay
I tried to stay on that solid ground, on a world I built for me
But life and change both came to me, in ways I could never see
The water lapped at my door
There was no way out, nowhere for me to flee

Water rises past the rocks and washes over me
The fight is gone, the sky is gone
I know that I will drown
But my feet, they find the bottom
And I find that I can breathe
There's a freedom under water
I find you're here with me
You're here in we

My feet they find the bottom and I find that I can breathe
There's a freedom under water
And I find you're here with me
You're here in we
Track Name: Be Thou My Vision
words and music from an old Irish hymn from the 8th century and the traditional Irish folk tune "Slane"

Be Thou my vision, oh Lord of my heart
Not be all else to me, save that Thy art
Be Thou my meditation by day or by night
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light

Be Thou my wisdom and Thou my true word
Be Thou with me, Be I with Thee
Be Thou my Father, Be I Thy true one
Will Thou be mine, and I will be Thine

Be Thou every good to my body and soul
Be Thou my kingdom in heaven as on earth
Be Thou solely, chief love of my heart
Let there be none other, oh Lord of all

'Til I am able to pass to Thy hands
My treasure, my Beloved, by the greatness of Thy love
Be Thou alone, my wondrous estate
I seek not lifeless wealth, nor man's empty praise

High King of Heaven, may I find life through death
May I reach heaven's joys, Oh bright heaven's son
Christ of mine own heart, whatever befall
Still be my vision, Oh Ruler of All
Still be my vision, Oh Ruler of All
Track Name: Come Now Fount- Electric
words by Robert Robinson
music by John Wyeth
Track Name: Never Alone
words and music by Wade Baynham

You're not alone, never alone
We're not alone, no need to fear
The feelings so overwhelming, the evidence so undeniable
How can you stand there and tell me
How can you even believe

You're not alone, we're never alone
We're not alone, there's no need to fear
This life, this deeper meaning, so flimsy so hard to detect
If it's light it's too bright to see
If it's solid ground, it's a rock to big for me

You're not alone, we're never alone
We're not alone, there's no need to fear
My bones ache, my heart cries out
My mouth is dust, my tears and endless stream
Surrender, are you crazy
This yearning this pain, think I might lose my mind
Might lose my mind.

You're not alone, no never alone
We're not alone, no never alone
The rains come and the storms pound
And the lightning strikes and the tree limbs do break
I'm so small against it all, nothing in the face of this,
Nothing, oh God nothing
I can't face this again.

We've never left you, loved you since before you were born
Since before time we loved you, have known your pain
Deeper than you've known it yourself
We've known where you will break
We've known where you'll fall
We've known how you'll heal
We know how you'll rise
We know you'll love, we know you
We are you, we are enough

And you're not alone, never alone
We're not alone, there's no need to fear
We're not alone, we're not alone
Never alone, we're not alone
There's no need to fear
Track Name: I Will Sing Praise to God
words and music by Jon Byron