Love, Thanks and Curiosity

by wade baynham

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"God comes to us disguised as our life." -- Paula D'Arcy

That cover photo is me around 5 years of age, and I seem to remember it being around Christmas time in 1971. Music connected with me from my earliest memories of my parents singing songs to me to help me go to bed when I was a child. We didn’t have a lot of records in our house growing up, but the ones we had gave me my frame of reference for songs and sounds, and stories. Johnny Cash, Julie Andrews, the Kingston Trio, church hymns and folk songs wove their way into my conscious and subconscious.

But it wasn’t until I was into piano lessons and learning to play guitar that I began to hear the music of singer-songwriters that spoke into my journey, and helped me feel less alone in the world. Suddenly, people were sharing their experiences via song, and for the first time I began to think, “I feel that too; and I thought I was the only one!”

This collection of songs of both original material and covers of music that influenced and shaped my experience has been a true delight to work on. The songs have moved me, inspired me and continued to reveal themselves anew to me each time I pulled them out to work on them and listen to them. I have also been feeling a sense of wonder and curiosity about life, as I’ve worked these past months. I’m learning to better understand what I’m in control of in my life, and the vast number of things that I’m not in control of. I’m learning to let go, to ‘Be,’ to watch and to be curious. These have been my practices-- really of the past several years.

My hope is for these songs to come alongside you, in some way, as you take the time to listen. And if these songs don’t move you, I hope you’ll find some songs that do. I hope you can find music or art that comes alongside you and helps you to know that you are not only not alone, but you are deeply loved, and your story is meaningful and shared by all of us in one way or another.

Love, Thanks and Curiosity to you!


released December 1, 2015

Produced and Recorded by Wade Baynham at the Second Story, Durham, NC

A Warm Thank You to:

Denise Baynham-my love, patron, inspiration and companion
Robert Bailey- long-time friend, confidant and fellow-traveller
Keith Matthews- friend, guide and vulnerability coach
Dale Baker- uber-talented musical companion, longest running ‘band-mate’
Jack Hester- curator of restored amps and vintage musical gear
Morgan Fleming- conversation and musical collaboration
The songwriters- who’ve gone before me, come alongside me, given me hope, and set up their canvas to paint right in the heart of the storm.



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wade baynham Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: There You Are, My Love
words and music: Wade Baynham

In the great depths below
where the four winds go
there you are my love
in quickening sand
in outstretched hands
there you are my love

when ocean waves pound
when there is no sound
there you are my love
in the sparkling night sky
beneath (my) closed eyes
there you are my love

my love you are there
my love, you’re ever near
my love you are in me
you illuminate me

when i am afraid
when i can be brave
there you are my love
when my heart can’t feel
when i know what is real
there you are my love

my love you are there
my love, you’re ever near
my love you are in me
you illuminate me

there’s love in the morning, there’s love through the day
love moves the oceans and love lights the way
there’s love on the mountain top, and love on the plains
love feeds the birds and love knows my name
there’s love in the lightning, and love on a breeze
love holds the tensions, and love brings release
you tell me i’m loved and i know i can be
your love moves inside me, and you become me

my love you are there
my love, you’re ever near
my love you are in me
and you illuminate me

where the barren lands end
where the desert light bends
there you are my love
when the waiting is long
at the end of the song
there you are my love
Track Name: All I Want Is You
words and music: U2
Track Name: The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and The Pride of Life
words and music: 77s
Track Name: Impermanent Things
words and music: Peter Himmelman
Track Name: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
words and music: Gordon Lightfoot
Track Name: Sweet Surrender
words and music: John Denver
Track Name: Sunday Bloody Sunday
words and music: U2
Track Name: River of Love
words and music: Sam Phillips, T-Bone Burnett
Track Name: There You Are My Love Instrumental
music: Wade Baynham